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This Is How You ADU.

Dark Wood Panels

Intelligent, beautiful, and customizable solutions for any size yard.

No ADU is better designed, period.

The exterior, floor plan, size, and starting price of the HAUS+ Model 350 ADU, with full service—design, permit, construction
The exterior, floor plan, size, and starting price of the HAUS+ Model 650 ADU, with full service—design, permit, construction
The exterior, floor plan, size, and starting price of the HAUS+ Model 500 ADU, with full service—design, permit, construction
The floor plan, size, and starting price of the HAUS+ Model 1200 prefab home, with full service—design, permit, construction

Featured HAUS+ Success Story

Inside a HAUS+ Model 500 ADU completed in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area) for a customer who left a 5 star review

"We love our HAUS+! The space feels so good to be in. The customer service was incredibly responsive. They helped us customize our unit, and then did all the permitting, construction, and coordination... We highly recommend HAUS+!"

-Adriana & Jeff R, Marin County


HAUS+ is a product, not a project.

Building a home is expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Buying your HAUS+ is affordable, quick, and simple.


Designing, permitting, and building a custom home can take years. With HAUS+, we'll hand you the keys in weeks.


Unlike the competition, HAUS+ takes care of everything. That means no assembly required, no red tape, and no hidden costs for you.


We offer in-house financing on all our units, so you can be making money even as your HAUS+ pays itself off.

Whether as a guest space, home office, or rental unit, HAUS+ makes it easier than ever to get more out of your home.

Our simple process is designed to give you peace of mind.

We use cutting-edge building technologies to take your project from start to finish, quickly and quietly—you barely have to lift a finger.

Our process is simple and easy—site feasibility and customization, place your order, then we permit and install your unit


feasibility & design


purchase & permitting


site prep & installation


move in or rent it out!

We'll do a quick site visit to optimize your unit, then work with you to customize your design.

Place your order, then kick back. We'll take care of all the permits & paperwork for you.

You live your life. We expedite site prep and installation to minimize construction time.

That's it! Enjoy your new HAUS+, or rent it out and enjoy your new passive income.

It's never been easier to add to your property's value and revenue potential.

Dark Wood Panels

Some investments generate income, others create long-term value. HAUS+ is the rare investment that does both.

HAUS+ adds to your property value two ways:

as a physical improvement

to the property, like an addition


by growing your property's

revenue potential



In the San Francisco Bay Area, a HAUS+ can add hundreds of thousands to your property value and generate more than $3,000/month.

A HAUS+ ADU is always a good investment, adding to your real estate property value and generating a stream of rental income

Good design is guided by good values.


A healthy home is a happy home. That's why HAUS+ is working towards a net-negative carbon footprint, by embracing renewable materials and advanced building technologies.

Sustainable, green building is a top priority. We only use materials that are responsibly sourced to protect the environment

responsible resource procurement

We value people. That’s why we empower our employees with fair treatment and growth opportunities, and support union labor.

labor practices to be proud of

Low waste prefab construction techniques reduce our environmental impact, with a goal of zero waste for sustainability.

zero-waste manufacturing

Our units generate more electricity than they use, with the ultimate green building goal of net-negative carbon footprint

net-zero design

Your ADU should be safe and healthy, so we use nontoxic materials to achieve better indoor environmental and air quality.

safe and non-toxic materials only


Talk to a HAUS+ expert today.

Schedule a free, zero-commitment consultation to learn how you can unlock your property's potential today.


Your information is never sold or shared with third parties.

Thank you! A team member will be in touch shortly.

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