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Why might a HAUS+ be right for me?

What does the process look like?



What is an ADU?

An ADU is a second home built on a property that already has a house on it. Also known as an accessory dwelling unit, second unit, in-law unit—or by many other names—an ADU can be used pretty much any way the owner chooses; you are not required to rent it out.

How do I know if I can build a HAUS+?

Any California homeowner can build a HAUS+ as long as you have the physical space for it on your property (i.e. the overall dimensions of the unit, plus a minimum of about 5' on each side). Of course, some sites have unique conditions like a steep slope that require more prep work. We recommend scheduling a free, zero-commitment site consult with one of our experts to review your property.

Are there limits on how I can use my HAUS+?

The short answer is no. You can use your HAUS+ however you want, as long as you're not violating local zoning codes. For example, you likely can't operate a restaurant out of your HAUS+, even though our beautiful kitchens might make you want to!

Can I put a HAUS+ on a property where there isn't already a house?

Absolutely. All our units make fantastic standalone homes, and are also optimized to work brilliantly as a multi-unit development. Just be aware that the permitting process will be longer and more expensive when you're not building your HAUS+ as an ADU—let's talk.


Flexibility for the future.

If recent years have taught us anything, it's how the patterns of our daily life can change in the blink of an eye. Building an ADU gives homeowners a versatile new living space that's ideal for uses as diverse as housing a visiting relative, working from home, or earning rental income.

Keeping the family close.

Whether it's adult children who are saving money for a house of their own, or a couple who wants to keep their aging in-laws safe and close—but not too close—ADUs are providing a new way for families to share resources and look out for one another, while still having their own space.

Earning rental income.

It's no secret that California is an expensive place to live, and for many of us, a passive income stream would go a long way towards financial peace of mind. ADUs are allowing homeowners across the state to earn rental income off their property, without having to share their home with a renter.

Investment in your property value.

ADUs are a new enough phenomenon that we don't yet have the data to calculate their precise impact on property value—but it's clear that the overall effect is positive.

You can think of this in two ways. First, an ADU is a physical improvement to your property that increases the square footage of living space; it's similar to an addition, except the space is more flexible in how you can use it. Second, with an ADU, your property now has revenue potential, even as you continue to live in your own home. And the money you invest in your ADU will appreciate at the same rate as the rest of your property; historical data shows us that real estate is among the soundest investments one can make.

A word to the wise: as far as investments go, not all ADUs are created equal. If you're considering investing in an ADU, be sure to consider the property value implications of a factory-built or modular ADU versus a higher-quality ADU like a HAUS+.

Funding a stress-free retirement.

Many homeowners at or near retirement build an ADU in order to help pay for their retirement. Some choose to live in their primary residence and rent out their ADU, while others choose to downsize to their ADU and rent out their main house, bringing in significantly more funds for things like travel or healthcare.

Aging in place.

Most of us feel a deep attachment to our homes, and studies show that remaining at home is far better for seniors' mental and physical health than moving into a residential facility. ADUs are allowing older homeowners across California to remain at home in two key ways: first, an ADU can provide housing for a live-in caregiver. Second, for seniors who no longer find their homes accessible, an ADU provides a purpose-built place for them to live in comfort on their own property.


I've heard of modular or fully-prefab ADUs. Is this different?

Very. Most ADU companies build their units in a factory, then truck them to the site and crane them into your backyard. This has a number of drawbacks. First, in terms of construction quality, you're never going to mistake a home built in a factory for one that's finished on-site by skilled workers. Second, modular ADUs tend to look like trailers, and with good reason: they're brought to the site on one. Third, it's unclear how these modular units will hold up with time. And because the major cost drivers on any ADU project are foundation and utilities—which are the same whether you prefabricate or site build—the "cost savings" associated with modular are often more of a mirage.

Taken together, there are real questions about the longevity and financial wisdom of modular ADUs.

HAUS+ is different. We use a unique blend of prefab and site-built construction techniques to give you the best of both worlds, combining the efficiency of prefab with the quality and durability of site-built. Our panelized system allows us to offer better designed units that look great on any property, without requiring expensive cranes to install them. And because our wall and roof panels are so strong and well insulated, a HAUS+ is sturdier and more energy efficient than almost any modular ADU. Finally, unlike modular construction, a HAUS+ is built to last a century or more, so you can feel confident in your investment.

How does your pricing compare to other ADU builders?

An ADU is always going to be a major investment, but when it comes to pricing, the biggest difference between HAUS+ and our competitors is transparency. Many ADU companies will attract customers by quoting a deceptively low price, only to come back later and charge add-ons for basic necessities like foundations and utility hookups.


We do things differently: at HAUS+, we give you the total price up front, before you decide whether to proceed. Our price is always all-inclusive, covering design, engineering, permitting, construction, and project management.

How does your timeline compare to other ADU builders?

Because of our high-quality hybrid construction system, a HAUS+ will usually take 2 - 3 months longer to install than a modular ADU. If installation speed is your top priority, HAUS+ may not be right for you. However, when considering a major investment like an ADU, we encourage customers to weigh important factors like build quality and safety against installation speed.

Pro tip: what many modular ADU companies won't tell you is that they still require 1 - 2 months of construction in your yard, for things like site prep, foundation, and utilities.

Some ADU builders require the customer to get their own permits. Do you?

It's actually even worse than that—many ADU companies require that customers not only secure their own permits (think hours spent at the building department), but also get their own soils report, hire their own structural engineer, build their own foundation, and arrange their own utility hookups. That scope of work can total hundreds of hours of labor and up to $100,000 in direct costs—no wonder they quoted you such a low price!

By contrast, HAUS+ is a full-service ADU company, meaning we handle everything for our customers, from design through engineering, permitting, and construction. After working with you to customize the design of your unit, our goal is not to bug you again until it's time to hand you the keys!

How do I say your company's name?

"House Plus" 😉


Your prices say "starting from." What does that mean?

The building site is always the biggest cost driver for any ADU. Some sites are easy—flat, with good street access and stable soils—while others can be more challenging. Because of this, we can't tell you exactly how much your HAUS+ will cost until we've examined your site, but our "starting from" price assumes a relatively simple site. You can schedule a free, zero-commitment site consult to have your property assessed by one of our experts, even if you're not sure yet whether you want an ADU.

Whether your site is simple or complex, we will always give you the total, all-inclusive price for your project before asking you to commit.

How long does it take?

A HAUS+ usually takes about 5 - 6 months, from the time you place your order to receiving the keys. This includes all permitting, construction, and utility hookups.

Can I finance my HAUS+?

Yes. We have a number of financing partners who specialize in ADUs, which we provide as a resource to our customers. These are independent, vetted professionals who have no financial relationship with HAUS+. Of course, you are also welcome to secure your own financing, if you prefer.

Will my property taxes go up?

Building a HAUS+ will not trigger a reassessment of your entire property. Instead, the amount you paid for your HAUS+ will simply be added onto the prior assessed value of your property, and your property tax rate will not change.


How much can I customize my HAUS+?

We provide a number of ways to ensure your HAUS+ suits your taste and lifestyle. Choose one of our professionally curated Design Packages for a cohesive look, or be your own designer and choose from our wide selection of interior and exterior materials, fixtures, and finishes. You can also customize the size, style, and configuration of doors and windows, and choose from a number of different options for appliances and built-in storage.


We're confident our wide selection of design options will meet your needs, but for those who require a more bespoke experience, we also offer our HAUS+ Atelier service, which allows for an even greater degree of customization.


Do I need to find an engineer or a contractor?

No; we'll do all of that for you. HAUS+ is a turnkey, full-service company, meaning all you have to do is tell us which model you want, where you want it, and how you want it to look. If you choose, we'll even deliver your unit fully furnished (after you've selected one of our professionally curated Interior Packages).

What about my neighbors?

Our units are designed to avoid neighbor disputes and planning commission hearings. Every HAUS+ model is designed to meet criteria set by the state that allow homeowners to build a HAUS+ by right. We take pride in communicating clearly with your neighbors, to proactively address any questions or concerns.



Can I have solar panels? Or battery backup?

Absolutely. Every HAUS+ comes with rooftop solar, available in 3 different offset levels. We also offer two different sizes of battery backup for each of our models, to help you keep the lights on and the fridge cold during an outage.

Are your ADUs fire resistant? What about floods or earthquakes?

We want your HAUS+ to last a lifetime, and to be a safe refuge if disaster strikes. Every HAUS+ unit is built to fire-resistant standards, even where it's not required, and every unit in the flood zone comes raised above the floodplain. Our unique building system means each HAUS+ is engineered for enhanced resistance to earthquakes, so you can have peace of mind.

Do you use building materials that offgas?

Indoor air quality is one of our top priorities. Unlike other ADU companies, we make a point of choosing materials with little or none of the harmful chemicals that are all too common in building materials.


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