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HAUS+ is the Bay Area startup that's helping homeowners unlock their property's potential.

For most homeowners, our house is our primary asset of value. Home is everything to us—and yet it could be so much more. The truth is, millions of homeowners are leaving a significant amount of value, and cash, on the table.

A high-quality second unit can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your property value, while greatly increasing the flexibility of how you can use your property. What's more, in the Bay Area, a second unit will easily bring in thousands of dollars a month in rental income, helping pay your mortgage for you.

But HAUS+ is more than a smart investment. It's a fresh take on how we live and build, bringing families together and helping heal our planet. With a HAUS+, you can downsize without leaving your home, provide a launch pad for adult children, or keep aging parents safely nearby.

Our mission is to have a positive impact, not just for our customers, but for humanity. That's why we take our commitment to sustainability so seriously, offering the healthiest and most sustainable ADUs on the market.

HAUS+ is based in Marin County and serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of Founder Institute, the world's largest startup accelerator, we've generated a sales pipeline worth more than $14 million with our unique blend of thoughtful design and uncompromising customer service. Our partnerships with the people and companies innovating next-generation building technologies mean our units are ready for your future.


Unlike modular ADU companies, our unique hybrid of prefab and site-built construction allows us to deliver quality homes that will last a lifetime, faster and less expensive than ever before. Schedule a free, zero-commitment consultation today to explore whether HAUS+ is right for you.

Logo of Founder Institute, the world's largest startup accelerator, of which the prefab ADU company HAUS+ is a graduate
Logo of the Casita Coalition, a nonprofit organization that advocates of ADUs as housing, of which HAUS+ is a member company
Logo of the Bay Area Housing Advocacy Coalition, a nonprofit that supports housing, of which ADU builder HAUS+ is a member
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