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Front view of a HAUS+ Model 350 contemporary prefab ADU with full glass wall open and exercise equipment visible inside

Model 350

Starting from $280k, all-inclusive.

Finally, the perfect

Dark Wood Panels

350 ft.  of versatile simplicity.


Floor plan of the HAUS+ Model 350, a sustainable prefab studio ADU with a full kitchen and bathroom, set up as a guest house

350 sq. ft. | 17' W x 25' L x 13' H

Ideal for small and medium-size yards.

Small spaces never felt so spacious.

With soaring ceilings and incredible natural light, the Model 350 is ready to outperform as whatever kind of space you make it.

Make it yours: HAUS+ is here to help you tailor your unit to fit your tastes, from placement of doors and windows to selecting your favorite finishes and materials.


Talk to a HAUS+ expert today.

Schedule a free, zero-commitment consultation to learn how you can unlock your property's potential today.


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